Girl Scout Gold Supports KCE

Inspired by KEEP, local Girl Scout Kaylie Singhal hosted a Cartwheel-A-Thon in August to raise funds for a new health clinic that’s being built at the Kakenya Center for Excellence.  Kaylie also made first aid kits for the classrooms at KCE.

Here’s how Kaylie describes her inspiration and results:

I chose this project to make the world a better place by supporting KEEP in their goal of helping girls at KCE who are at risk for childhood marriage, teen pregnancy and FGM, as well as helping [the girls] get a high school education and quality healthcare from their new health center!

COVID-19 presented many challenges but finally, the girls received the first aid kits in Kenya. The total donation value for all the first aid kit supplies was $1,245! This allowed me to make 8 classroom first aid kits and 2 central first aid kits. There are also extra supplies that were donated to replenish the kits.

The Cartwheel-A-Thon event raised $3,612 for KEEP to donate to The Kakenya Center for Excellence health center. 

After presenting her project, Kaylie earned the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Kaylie Girl Scout Gold Award
Kaylie receives her Girl Scout Gold Award and two thumbs up from KEEP board members Ruthie Rosenberg (right) and Cynthia Braun (left)

We couldn’t be more impressed with her efforts to improve the health of the whole KCE community!