KCE Alumna Speaks to President Obama

Linet Nenkoitoi, a 16-year-old alumna of KCE, had the chance to speak with President Obama at the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leadership Center in Nairobi on July 26, 2015. One of four KCE alumnae invited to meet with the President, Linet compared the story of a friend who was married at 15 and now had two children with her own opportunities, resulting from the safe haven she was given at KCE and the chance to continue her education. Now enrolled at the Pangani Girls High School, she spoke about her aspiration to go on to study cardiology at Harvard. After hearing her speak, the President gave her a hug and said: “I am sure you will be an excellent cardiologist. This sends out a message of what civil society can do. Linet, we are proud of you.”

KCE alumna and President Obama
KCE alumna Linet Nenkoitoi gets a hug from President Obama

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Linet is part of the Network for Excellence, a group of 95 KCE alumnae studying at high schools across the country. During their school holiday this August, the Network for Excellence girls returned to KCE for 10 days of tutoring on homework as well as skills such as selecting subjects, setting goals and maintaining healthy relationships. The sessions were conducted by trained high school teachers hired by KCE to provide mentorship, an investment in the ongoing success of their students. In addition to learning, the visits give the girls a chance to collaborate and share their experiences with each other. They also act as an inspiration to the students currently enrolled at KCE.