KEEP visit to the Whitby School

In February, KEEP Board Members Celeste Crosby and Cynthia Braun visited The Whitby School in Greenwich, CT, to discuss KEEP’s work with seventh and eighth grade student members of the Model United Nations Club. Invited by Andy Greene, Whitby teacher and Model UN Club Advisor, Celeste and Cynthia presented a slide show detailing KEEP’s partnerships with Apne Aap and the Kakenya Center for Excellence. Photos from KEEP’s trip to India and from the KCE in Kenya gave the students an idea of the issues that face girls in developing countries. Many students expressed amazement that if they were typical girls in India or Kenya, they would be already preparing to marry. They commented upon the stark differences between educational opportunities for girls in the US compared to those in India and Kenya. Later, Andy Greene noted that KEEP’s presentation showed his students how a small group of people, or even one individual, could make a big difference in the lives of girls around the world.