Social Activism Keep Girls in School

Sharing KEEP’s mission in Byram Hills

On May 3rd, KEEP board members Ruthie Rosenberg and Cynthia Braun presented KEEP’s work to freshmen at Byram Hills High School as part of the VOX Summit, a conference designed to introduce students to ways they can make a difference in both their local community and around the world. Through a slideshow and discussion, the students learned about Kakenya Ntaiya’s personal journey to found the Kakenya Center for Excellence and how KCE has transformed the lives of girls in Enoosaen, Kenya. The students asked thoughtful questions that demonstrated their desire to engage in social activism. KEEP thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to share KEEP’s mission with local youth. Learn more about the VOX Summit:

Materials brought by KEEP, the Katonah Education Exchange Program, supporting the Kakenya Center for Excellence, a boarding school that educates and protects at-risk girls in Kenya.