We did it!

Hurrah!! We did it!! Because of your generosity, boosted by the matching grant, every eighth grade girl at the Kakenya Center for Excellence will receive a solar light and a solar radio! Thank you for your amazing response to our appeal!

Your outpouring of kindness and compassion touched us deeply. We love this image from KEEP supporter Kristen Dorta, whose children created a special jar for KEEP.

This jar of spare change funded lights and radios for 2 girls!

Your gifts are potentially life changing for the KCE girls. The photo at the top of this post is the home of a KCE student, which can give you an idea of the need. With radios, the students will be able to listen to government broadcast instruction while doing their chores. With lights, they will be able to study after sundown.

Continuing to learn while Kenyan schools are closed is especially important for the eighth graders. This fall, their scores on a competitive national exam will determine their placements in high school.  

KCE continues to pay teachers and staff their full salaries as they deliver care packages of food, supplies, and books to each student. Quite a few students did not have a safe home to return to, but Kakenya and her staff managed to arrange secure living situations for all of them. This dedication to the welfare of each and every girl is just one reason we love our partnership with KCE!

The KEEP community has gone above and beyond to help the KCE girls through this crisis. Thank you for rising to the challenge! You are a shining beacon of hope during a difficult time.

Stay well everyone!