Fundraising Milestone Keep Girls In School

Extraordinary Milestone for KEEP!

Thanks to your support, KEEP has reached an extraordinary milestone: We have now raised more than $50,000 for the Kakenya Center for Excellence! All of your donations – large and small – have added up to produce an enormous impact. Because of your generosity, 37 girls at KCE have received full annual tuition from KEEP since our partnership began in 2014. Not only have these girls pursued their dream of education, they have also been protected from child marriage and FGM. Together, we are making real and powerful change!

And here’s an even bigger number: Since KEEP’s inception in 2011, we have raised nearly $100,000 for girls’ education!

During our first four years working with Apne Aap in India, KEEP contributed more than $44,000 to fund educational programs for over 130 girls at risk of child marriage and sex trafficking. What we can achieve when we join forces is truly astounding.

As we move forward into the New Year, our girls at the Kakenya Center for Excellence start eighth grade, growing in knowledge, skills and maturity. They are the future leaders of their community. We are incredibly proud of them.

Please KEEP your gifts coming to ensure our girls’ continued success in 2018!

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