Students For KEEP

Students for KEEP Update 2015

Students for KEEP (“SFK”), an official club at John Jay High School since 2012, has been busy spreading the word on the issues girls face in rural Kenya and fundraising to support the tuition of the 5th grade class at the Kakenya Center for Excellence (“KCE”). The club hosted a viewing of Kakenya Ntaiya’s (KCE Founder) Ted Talks video which generated greater understanding and interest in the cause.

In October, SFK Club joined forces with the Feminism Club to attend the screening of He Named Me Malala. Recently, KEEP board members presented a slideshow of past and present projects to SFK members and guests which prompted intuitive questions and conversation. In addition, club members have exchanged pen pal letters with the KCE 5th graders which has helped to create a unique connection between the students. SFK will continue to raise awareness and funds throughout the school year through membership drives, bake sales and by volunteering for the Running Goddess 5K at Lasdon Arboretum in spring.

Newly elected officers voted in this fall include:

  • Adare Cronlin (President)
  • Kayla Medille and Willa Tobin (Vice Presidents)
  • Emma Page (Secretary)
  • Lucy Seigel (Treasurer)
  • Haleigh McCarthy (Historian)

With Noelle Maoriello (SFK Club Advisor) at the helm, SFK will continue to inform and inspire others to “keep girls in school”!